Microsoft VP talks about Ballmer's new tech - an 80-inch touchscreen

In a statement given to, Microsoft VP, Frank Shaw made some interesting revelations, and one to do specifically with the Redmond-based company’s chief, Steve Ballmer’s treasure trove of technology. He revealed that he (Steve Ballmer) has (hold your breath!) an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet in his office, which is touch-enabled hangs on his wall. Shaw added that Ballmer has, even got rid of his smartphone. That, however, is not the biggest news there is. Shaw, reportedly also added that if things go as planned, then this scenario should be made available to the public, soon. Quoting him, the report added, “It's his whiteboard, his email machine, and it's a device we're going to sell.” Shaw, however, also adds that one mustn’t mistake this 80-incher monster to be the same as the one (80-inch Microsoft-powered Sharp Aquos Board touchscreen) that they saw at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This, although runs Windows 8,  is by a different manufacturer.

80-incher touch screen spotted...



The latest from the Redmond-based giant - Windows 8 has been designed to run on everything from small tablets to PCs and laptops and if the one in Ballmer's office has to be taken into consideration, then the OS boasts of a whole new screen size. Windows can work with low-power ARM-based CPUs, one that's similar to those used in smartphones and also on Intel, AMD processors for desktop PCs. 


Although, Microsoft plans to introduce this 80-incher to the public, Shaw maintains that like their earlier Surface, consumers may not go in for this one, immediately, "at least not at launch," he adds. "It's not a consumer thing now, but we know historically that that's how all things start. The idea that there should be a screen that's not a computer, we'll laugh at that in two years." Shaw added further, "Every screen should be touch, every screen should be a computer and should be able to see out as well as see in. That is the way the world is heading [and] those screens are going to be big, small, wall-sized and desk-sized."


All that being said, the 80-inch tablet, at the moment is not bound by any launch date. For that matter, at the moment there is no confirmation on whether the 80-incher monster is a tablet, at all.  

Published Date: May 26, 2012 03:49 pm | Updated Date: May 26, 2012 03:49 pm