Microsoft to launch Switch to Windows app for Android next week

How does Microsoft plan to get Android users to switch to its mobile OS? They release an app for Android called Switch to Windows Phone. When installed, the app will allow Android users to find Windows Phone versions of the apps installed as well as substitutes for those that don't have official Windows Phone versions. The app will be making its way to Google Play next week.

According to the Executive Vice President of app developer Quixey, Guru Gowrappan, Switch to Windows Phone will check all the applications on the Android phone that it is installed on and send that inventory to the user’s Microsoft SkyDrive account.

When the user logs into the same SkyDrive account from the Switch to Windows Phone app loaded on their Windows Phone 8, the app finds the same set of applications. If there are no exact replacements, the app recommends substitutes.


Microsoft really wants you to buy one of these.


A Quixey representative told Neowin that originally, the app was scheduled for release earlier, but it has been delayed till next week. The developers probably still have some kinks to work out. "We worked closely with the Windows Phone team on developing the app. We're currently waiting for an exact release date," said the representative.

Microsoft has been pretty aggressive in its attempts to have users switch over from Google's Android operating system to Windows Phone. Back in December, Microsoft had started a campaign called the Droid Rage contest.

The basis of the contest was really simple. All one needed to do was type out their worst malware ‘horror’ experience with an Android handset and use the #droidrage hash tag. The person with the best, or rather worst story had a chance to win a get-well present.

Microsoft then took it to the next level by typing out a string of tweets on the official Windows Phone page which are:


  • Wait for your Android phone to get infected with malware
  • Recover from SMS scam bill shock
  • Skip steps 1 & 2, buy a Windows Phone and connect with people you care about instead of some hacker plotting in a dark basement

Users responded to the tweet and posted some replies with the hash tag saying: “Bank details stolen once after android malware attacked my phone after downloading an app from Google play -.- #DroidRage, took hundreds of pics on fam. vacation. Downloaded an app to store them, wiped all of them out :( #droidrage, #DroidRage play is full of malicious apps. Got 1 with unwanted ads in notification bar every min. Reset & lost all data :-(" and various others.

Published Date: Apr 26, 2013 12:01 pm | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2013 12:01 pm