Microsoft to Acquire Skype?

Rumours were abuzz regarding the acquisition of Skype from a week with Facebook and Google looking to buy it out. This could not be the case now as Microsoft have thrown themselves into the mix and is set to nick it from them. According to a report by Om Malik at, unnamed sources have said Microsoft have entered the mix and are interested in partnering with, acquiring or investing in Skype.

Skype goes 3G

Microsoft to buy Skype?


He also claims that if his sources are right, more details would be revealed soon; maybe as soon as Monday. He says that corporate attorneys and senior managers at Skype are working really hard over the past weekend ahead of some kind of announcement. When Skype was contacted regarding the same, A Skype person replied by thanking them for reaching out and that as a matter of practice they do not comment on rumour or speculation. Microsoft too, isn’t commenting on these Skype rumours.

The unnamed sources also reveal that though Microsoft may be late entrants in the game, their interest makes sense for a variety of reasons. They states the reasons as Skype would give Microsoft a big boost in the enterprise collaboration market places with Skype’s voice, video and sharing capabilities. It would further help the Windows Phone operating system in the future by offering a must have application. They also claim that it would give Microsoft an outside chance of working with carriers as many of them are looking to partner with Skype as they start to transition to LTE-based networks.

Source: GIGaom