Microsoft Tames The Lion

Microsoft Game Studios is planning (game) world domination slowly, but surely. After purchasing Bungie Studios (Halo and Halo2), Rare (Perfect Dark Zero) and Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires et all), they have now taken over the brainchild of Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios. In case you aren't familiar with Lionhead, they are the people behind the God sim Black and White and the RPG that did extremely well on the Xbox, Fable. After this deal, Lionhead can only make titles exclusively for the PC and the Xbox 360. Lionhead hasn't revealed any sort of information on their upcoming title, but if rumors (and logic) are to be believed, it'll probably be Fable 2 for the PC and Xbox 360. lion_t.jpg

Published Date: Apr 07, 2006 01:47 pm | Updated Date: Apr 07, 2006 01:47 pm