Microsoft Surface to go on sale on October 26

When Microsoft announced its Surface range of tablets, the world was delighted to see the software giant step it up and unveil hardware that could have the potential to compete with the best in the business. Though there was a lot of hype surrounding the Microsoft Surface announcement, two things that were missing were the date when this device would be launched and the price it would be sold at. If a report by The Verge is anything to go by, then one of the questions appear to be answered as the tech website states that Microsoft will include a Surface reception as part of their Windows 8 event at midnight on October 26th 2012.

According to the report by The Verge, the author Tom Warren states, “Microsoft has started sending out invites to a special "Surface Reception" event on October 25th. Alongside a Windows 8 introduction, the software giant will launch its highly anticipated tablet at midnight on October 26th — according to a company spokesperson. Some of Microsoft's holiday pop-up stores will open for the Surface launch at midnight, with other Microsoft Stores selling the tablet on October 26th.”

Microsoft Surface reception

Microsoft Surface reception


This is the closest we've gotten to solid information on when this much awaited tablet will finally make an appearance. The only thing we're now waiting for is the pricing of the Surface tablets. The report goes on to state that though Microsoft has not yet confirmed the pricing of the tablet, Steve Balmer, CEO of the brand had hinted that the pricing structure would range from ‘probably $300 to about $700 or $800’ and that this would be the sweet spot for the pricing of the Surface tablet.

Though the major talking point of the event is the debut of the Surface tablet, rumours of a mythical handset have been doing the rounds. This comes in the form of a smartphone with the Surface branding. Earlier this year, reports indicated that Microsoft may be building its own handset that will run on the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft did not confirm or deny the speculation, but a spokesperson stated that Microsoft, together with its hardware partners, was focussed on bringing Windows Phone 8 to the market this year. Adding fuel to these rumours, a report by BGR had indicated that Microsoft may launch its own Windows Phone 8 handset that could be launched within the next few months.

The report said, “Utilizing a strategy much like the one it is using with Windows 8, Microsoft is now looking to have its cake and eat it too in the smartphone market. With a number of high-profile partners like Nokia and Samsung secured for the launch of Windows Phone 8 later this fall, a trusted source informed BGR several weeks ago that Microsoft is quietly working on an own-brand smartphone that will compete directly with high-end devices like Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, and also with Windows Phones built by its own vendor partners, of course.”

According to the report, BGR's source has informed it that the handset is in the late stage of development, and that it will be launched in the coming months. The report also indicates that much like their tablets, this smartphone too will be launched under the Surface brand name. As for the launch period, it is likely that the handset will be available by the first quarter of 2013.

While 2013 may still be a long way off to witness a Surface smartphone, October 26th isn’t and this is when we can see the Surface tablet finally being launched after months of waiting.


Published Date: Oct 05, 2012 11:06 am | Updated Date: Oct 05, 2012 11:06 am