Microsoft Surface Pro to have far less usable space than expected

If you’re planning to buy the Microsoft Surface Pro, be warned. Microsft has strangely decided to not let users have access to a lot of space: the 128GB version of the tablet will have only 83GB of usable space, while the 64GB version will have a paltry 23GB of usable space out of the box, according to an official statement. This means that approximately 41GB to 45GB of space will be gobbled up by the Windows 8 OS, built-in apps and a recovery partition.

Only having access to around 36 percent of the storage space on the 64GB model, which costs $899 (approximately Rs 49,450) is bound to irk and drive away customers. The 128GB version gives you access to approximately 65 percent of its storage space, but its cost of $999 (approximately Rs 54,950), makes it a much better deal.


Windows 8 by itself needs a lot more space than Microsoft’s earlier systems. The newer OS is better-used on machines that have anywhere between 256GB to 1TB of free space. Having a light-weight 64GB machine that runs Windows 8 will just not cut it now. It will probably explain why there are not too many 64GB Windows 8 machines available.

Will be launched in January

Space hog!


Microsoft’s fine print about the actual amount of usable space in the Surface Pro tablet is bound to cause confusion and annoyance amongst users. This problem cropped up with the earlier version of the Windows Surface tablet, Windows RT, too. Excluding all the space taken up by Microsoft Office, Windows recovery tools and built-in apps, a 32GB Surface RT was left with only 16GB of usable space, while on the 64GB model, you got only 46GB.

Microsoft has released a statement in order to appease users who are annoyed by the lack of local storage space, aiming to enumerate the other options they have to save data. "Surface Pro has a USB 3.0 port for connectivity with almost limitless storage options, including external hard drives and USB flash drives. Surface also comes preloaded with SkyDrive, allowing you to store up to 7GB of content in the cloud for free. The device also includes a microSDXC card slot that lets you store up to 64GB of additional content to your device. Customers can also free up additional storage space by creating a backup bootable USB and deleting the recovery partition.”

Both versions will include a Surface pen with Palm Block technology and will support a Touch Cover or Type Cover. However, these covers will need to be bought separately as they will not come bundled with the Surface Pro.

Surface with Windows 8 Pro supports the x86 architecture and so will run on Intel’s next generation Core i5 processor. The Intel HD Graphics 4000 will do the graphics processing for its 10.6-inch full HD ClearType display. Surface with Windows 8 Pro will also include a full-sized USB 3.0 port. Its Mini DisplayPort will support external displays up to a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It will also be compatible with the millions of applications available for Windows, so you can load your EXEs and use your favourite programs on the tablet.


The tablet will also have 4 GB of RAM. Surface Pro will have two cameras on the front and the rear, both of which will be 720p HD LifeCams with TruColor technology. The sensors found in Surface Pro will include an ambient light sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a compass.

Published Date: Jan 30, 2013 02:04 pm | Updated Date: Jan 30, 2013 02:04 pm