Microsoft shows Internet Explorer can be cool using Vine

Guess who's been using Vine to promote its products? Microsoft has taken to Vine in order to come up with fun six second videos to make the browser more popular amongst the newer generation. Calling the campaign "The browser you loved to hate", Microsoft has put these Vines up on a site with the same name.

These Vines poke fun at what Internet Explorer used to be by describing the relationship between a father-son browser duo. The characters, made out of felt boxes, show the difference between the old Internet Explorer and the new.

The father is the old Internet Explorer and the son is Internet Explorer 10 in these videos. One Vine shows the son browser falling to its side in portrait mode and managing to auto-rotate itself with ease, as is a feature in Internet Explorer 10. The father on the other hand tries really hard to rotate and ends up showing a blue-screen.

Not your father's browser!

Not your father's browser!


Another fun one shows Internet Explorer 10 celebrating the news that he's been adopted. One more describes the older Internet Explorer chastising his son for the use of HTML5, something he doesn't approve of.

The underlying theme of most of these Vines is that it is "not your father's browser", which is a refreshing path taken by Internet Explorer. It's kind of hilarious how the browser is poking fun at itself. Acceptance is the first step towards change, we believe.

Even more interesting is the fact that Microsoft has taken the support of an iOS only app, developed by Twitter, to release these videos. These Vines also come only a day after Microsoft's Scroogled advertisement, poking fun at Google's browser Chrome leaked. The war of the browsers is only just heating up!

Published Date: May 18, 2013 11:27 AM | Updated Date: May 18, 2013 11:27 AM