Microsoft revamps Bing News to show trending topics and more

Microsoft has announced the introduction of some important improvements to the search options when searching with Bing News. Now you can track trending topics and related individuals to your searches when going through Bing News. In the announcement on Thursday, the company also said that it has expanded its articles index size from weeks to years.

TNW in an article noted some of the differences. The first feature lets you search for people, places and things “in a visual and easy-to-use carousel format,” according to the announcement by Microsoft. When you look for a noteworthy person who is in current events, you will not only see news results from across the Web, but also have access to a visual carousel that will give you the important and timely topics that may involve the person that you are looking for.


According to the company, the ability to make a browseable news experience needs “a deep understanding of current events, the people that matter and how relationships between these two play out in public life.” Adding to the experience, the company now displays related individuals on the right-hand side.

Microsoft has announced a whole set of upgades to Bing News

Microsoft has announced a whole set of upgades to Bing News



Adding to the features, Microsoft has also worked to significantly increase its news articles index. Previously, editions of the search engine featured only about two weeks of news. While the company was tight lipped about the exact extent of the index expansion, it did go on to say that the data will now span “several years.”


What this means is if Bing News can’t find anything search results that match your query in recent articles, it will look through its news index and provide you with older, but still relevant articles. This is an added bonus when you are looking for news, because past stories can be informative, even it they are not currently in the news.


While Google News may still be the more preferred search engine for news in the market currently, with the latest upgrades, Bing News is starting to look like a good second option. While Microsoft has managed to make some big changes to Bing in terms of search types like images, it is still uncertain if the company can compete with Google in the news search section. Only time will tell if these improvements can bring Bing News up to the mark in users' eyes.

Published Date: May 24, 2013 03:47 pm | Updated Date: May 24, 2013 03:47 pm