Microsoft planning dashboard update with UI tweaks for Xbox 360

Despite being on the brink of a new generation of gaming consoles, it looks like Microsoft won’t be leaving the Xbox 360 behind. According to the Verge, the software giant is planning a dashboard update for the console, which will be bringing some tweaks to the console’s interface. The new update will bring along the ability to switch from lighter or darker themes.


Along with this, the company also seems to be on a path to phase out the Microsoft Points system that is used to make purchases on Xbox Live. This is presumably in an attempt to consolidate the marketplaces of both the Xbox 360 and Windows 8. Reports state that the Points system will be replaced with a new gift card system.


The new update will presumably be showcased alongside the next-gen Xbox that Microsoft is set to unveil during the May 21 event. According to reports, the company will be showcasing details of new interactive TV features that are making their way into the next-gen console.

The Xbox 360 dashboard update has added Internet Explorer, among things (image credit: Eurogamer)

The Dashboard update will bring about options for lighter and darker themes



We had heard back in April that the always-online requirement of the Xbox would be optional and would depend on the game's developers or publishers, and this new piece of information adds weight to that.


The console will also have provisions to mandate the console to be always connected to the Internet in case developers want more control over their games. The always-online requirement can also extend to the Xbox’s other features, such as video streaming and other apps.


Some details about Xbox Live and the Achievement system have also been revealed. Developers will be able to add more achievements to their games without having to release DLCs or expansion packs. This will allow them to tweak player behaviour. For example, developers could add achievements for an open-world game that lets players check out some areas they otherwise wouldn’t.


There will also be cross-title achievements: for example, you could get extra points for finishing the first chapters of two completely unrelated games developed by the same company.

Published Date: May 18, 2013 11:22 AM | Updated Date: May 18, 2013 11:22 AM