Microsoft likely to charge OEMs around Rs. 4,700 for Windows RT

When Microsoft’s Windows 8 made its first appearance, the Metro UI was instantly approved to be apt for tablets, rather than for desktops by many experts. The Metro UI appears to be completely touch-friendly. The company also puts forth its tablet strategy by introducing the Windows RT (Windows 8 for ARM). Those who thought that with this strategy Microsoft will also change its pricing model for OEMs, will be disappointed, as Microsoft doesn’t plan to do so. During Computex this year, VR-Zone spoke to several vendors about the pricing of Windows RT. Reportedly, earlier it was rumored that Microsoft has some change in strategy and will be charging $35 for Windows RT; however, this isn’t the case.  The Windows RT is said to cost somewhere between 80-95 USD, while 85 USD (approx. INR 4,734) is the most commonly quoted price.

Windows 8 new Start menu (Image credit: All Things D)

Windows tablets will be expensive?


This means, we may see expensive Windows RT tablets. Some analysts had earlier predicted low price tablets for Microsoft, as it is up against Apple's iPad iOS and the Android OS, which is free and running on multiple manufacturer tablets. So, while it may not compete with the affordable tablet market, it would have to face that market segment, wherein the iPad has been reigning from the time the original iPad was conceived. It is also speculated that Android and Windows RT devices with the same specs may have a huge price difference. 


Probably, there may not be much scope for a sub $500 (approx. INR 27,845) Windows RT tablet. Further, these tablets are likely to be priced around $549-$799 (approx. INR 30,569 to INR 44,490), clearly stating that it won’t be an affordable product, like many Android tablets. Manufacturers who were hoping to craft affordable Windows RT tablets powered by ARM processors may now struggle to do so, if the operating system costs around $85. The Windows RT is also expected to come with the Metro versions of the Microsoft Office apps. However, this isn’t confirmed yet.