Microsoft Goes After Apple Again

Microsoft has filed a motion with the US Patent and Trademark Office to dismiss Apple’s trademark and exclusive use of the words “App Store”. According to Microsoft, the term “App Store” is broadly used both in the computer software and mobile fronts and as such is a generic term.

So what're you gonna call it??

According to the filed motion, Microsoft says:

"Microsoft opposes Apple’s Application Serial No. 77/525433 for APP STORE on the grounds that “app store” is generic for retail store services featuring apps and unregistrable for ancillary services such as searching for and downloading apps from such stores."

"Microsoft moves for summary judgement refusing registration of APP STORE. The following undisputed facts establish that “app store” is generic for retail store services featuring apps."

While no one is disputing the Apple had the “App Store” first, What is under dispute is should a company be allowed to stop others from using the same term to describe their own… well… app stores. While Microsoft does make a point with this motion, it’s not hard to view this as nothing more than a petty argument.

For those who want to read the entire motion filed by Microsoft, you can read it here.

Published Date: Jan 12, 2011 04:01 pm | Updated Date: Jan 12, 2011 04:01 pm