Microsoft gives Bing a facelift

We just saw the rejuvenated Translator option from Microsoft. Now, the company has given its Bing search engine a facelift, as well. The software giant has made this new revamped Bing search engine public. The all new Bing design shows off the three column design, which includes social and snapshot features, reveals a post on the Bing blog.





The first key change made by Bing is – ‘Search goes Social.’ The Bing team believes that people usually seek advice from their friends and family to make decisions regarding events, purchases, and travels. So, the new features have been designed for effortless exchange of ideas and sharing opinions. Users can converse and get advice from friends, experts and enthusiasts right into the search experience. The new feature allows posting a question and getting help from Facebook friends, while searching. This allows their friends to see and reply to questions on Facebook or Bing. Basically, you can bring friends and experts right into the search experience and these social results complement the standard search results without compromising on them.

The new center column is called Snapshot, which allows you get things done in one place, bringing all information like maps, reviews, quick ways to take action, checking hotel rates, booking restaurants and more. “The snapshot feature offers restaurant reservations, hotel reviews, movie trailers and show times, maps, and more right within the search experience; giving you everything you need to take action in one place and eliminating the need to visit multiple sites to complete tasks,” says the blog.

The new Bing marketing campaign highlights the new social features and showcases how Bing makes its users ‘spend less time searching and more time doing.’ The blog also talks about a recent internal survey, wherein about 75 percent people were found spending more time than they would like searching for information online. Bing’s these new features integrating social and usual search along with the snapshot feature have been crafted to make search simpler.

Published Date: Jun 04, 2012 04:55 pm | Updated Date: Jun 04, 2012 04:55 pm