Microsoft buys back Lumia 920 with early build of Windows Phone 8.1 from eBay user

As reported earlier, leaked screenshots were seen yesterday that showed a developer build of Windows Phone with a notification centre. A lot of information could be seen from the leaked images, apart from the notification centre, but it was not sure whether the build was an upgade of the existing Windows Phone 8 or the next generation 8.1 upgrade.

The images appeared in a Reddit thread from user Chinaman28, who got the Lumia 920 from eBay. However, it seemed like the device was never meant for sale as it contained an early build version of the Windows Phone. It is unclear at this time whether the phone that appeared on eBay was a stolen one, or a mistake on Microsoft’s part.

Microsoft has gone on record earlier to say that it ran out of time to add the notification centre

The leaked screen-shot that started it all...



Now it seems like Microsoft wants its phone back. Reaching out to the Reddit user, the company has paid him back for his purchase and also thrown in a new Lumia 920. The thread proves to be an interesting read, though. The thread and the screen shots show that apart from the notification centre, you can also close apps from the multi-tasking window. The interface can be customised according to the apps which are the most used, and will also feature a new calendar interface with a week view. It also seems to be featuring Data Sense, which is an app that can help you conserve mobile data by monitoring your phone's data usage and saving some tasks until you have a Wi-Fi connection again.


According to WPC, the leaked images were from Windows Phone 8.1 aka Blue and not GDR3, which is an update for the existing Windows 8 phones. What has been revealed is that the build being seen was from an earlier version, and the notification has since been removed. That does not mean Notifications won’t be seen in a Windows Phone, though. It just seems like Microsoft is trying out various versions of it for 8.1.


What can be deduced from this is that the photos were snapshots of the developmental process and is not a measure of the final features that will be seen on Windows Phone 8.1. According to the information seen so far, Windows Phone 8.1 Blue will not be seen in markets till the end of this year.

Published Date: Jun 10, 2013 05:32 pm | Updated Date: Jun 10, 2013 05:32 pm