Microsoft builds Kinectacles, Kinect Bridge for the blind and speech impaired

Microsoft has been toying around with the various aspects of its Kinect and its umpteen abilities. It has introduced a pair of spectacles, called Kinectacles to help the visually challenged and also Kinect Bridge, which will assist the speech impaired to communicate with others with the Kinect motion sensor used in its Xbox gaming device, reports Times Of India. Then, there’s the Windows 7 phone software called My Obstetrics, which will assist pregnant women to keep a track of the stages during their motherhood. It will monitor the BP and weight throughout the nine months. 


The Garage Science Fair in India showcases about 60 innovations designed by the members of Microsoft’s Development Centre (MSIDC). The prototype of Kinectacles has been designed by a team comprising Rishabh Verma, Atul Sharma and Aditi Goswami. The trio aim at designing spectacles with a Kinect PCB (printed circuit board) mounted with an audio output device to assist the visually impaired to travel effortlessly indoors as well as outdoors.


Encouraging innovations...



The Kinect Bridge serves at transforming body gestures and hand gestures of the speech and visually impaired into text or voice to help them. This has been invented by a five member team and offers compatibility with both Windows and Xbox. Basically, the Microsft Garage Science Fair aims at exhibiting the new technologies of its employees. This would help Microsoft employees to engage in their newer inventions during free time and give employees opportunities to also monetize their inventions.

Besides, while Microsoft’s employees are working at newer inventions around the company’s product, the company itself has been toying with gesture-based navigation, which could give touchscreens a run for their money in the future. Recent reports revealed that Microsoft has been working on a new Kinect-like controller, which would respond to your hand gestures without the need for additional hardware.

Published Date: May 18, 2012 01:06 pm | Updated Date: May 18, 2012 01:06 pm