Microsoft Bing posts $5.5 billion loss since June 2009

Technology giant, Microsoft started off its search service, Bing in June 2009 with an aim to capture the space Google had been dominating, and in a way, still does. Two years on, Bing hasn't really lived upto Microsoft's expectations and it has been losing out nearly a $1 billion each quarter, since inception. The total loss count, therefore is being pegged at $5.5 billion. However, according to a report on CNNMoney, Microsoft's losses in the online division had begun well before Bing was born. Reportedly, since 2007, that is, since Microsoft began making its foray into the online space, it has been making losses, all totaling upto $9 billion. 

The loss maker?

The loss maker?



The report further states that Bing, however, has managed to get Microsoft the search market share against Google, but again, not from it. At a financial analyst meeting held last week at Anaheim, Calif., Microsoft President of Online Services, Qi Lu stated that  he believes that while Bing may not 'out-Google', in that sense of the term, what it would definitely do is 'change the game fundamentally'. He also added that Microsoft would 'reorganize the web', thereby improving search. 


At present, Bing's market share stands at 14.7 percent, as against 64.8 percent of Google. While Bing managed to up its share from 8.4 percent, at inception; Google's share dropped, albeit by two-tenths from its earlier 65 percent it stood at. 

Published Date: Sep 23, 2011 04:46 pm | Updated Date: Sep 23, 2011 04:46 pm