Microsoft and GlacierWorks bring the Everest Base Camp to your browser

Mount Everest is a dream that many mountaineers across the globe aspire to realise. If a trip to Nepal is a bit out of your budget, however, you need not fret. GlacierWorks, the brainchild of renowned mountaineer David Breashears, has now joined up with Microsoft Internet Explorer to bring one of the world’s highest peak literally at your fingertips. The exploration platform, called "Everest: Rivers of Ice", is a breathtaking visage that works on any browser.

According to a report by Engadget, the platform is specifically optimised for the Internet Explorer 10 touch-based technology. However the experience of seeing the Himalayas on any other browser is well worth the slight lag that was seen.  Microsoft, through this project, is showing off its Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN) interface, which has been made by teams at Microsoft Research both in India as well as in Redmond.

GlacierWorks and Microsoft get Everest to your screens with Rivers of Ice

GlacierWorks and Microsoft get Everest to your screens with Rivers of Ice


The interface has lots of scope, because developers can use RIN to come up with non-linear narratives that can make use of a collection of multimedia to make an all-encompassing experience. Thus, the GlacierWork’s project lets you explore the valleys of the world’s highest peak, while learning about glacier activity using multitouch interactive maps with embedded videos, awe-inspiring gigapixel panoramas as well as data visualisations.


Another project that warrants mention at this point is the Google Maps efforts to map out the Everest base camp using their Street View mode. While not as encompassing an experience as the Rivers of Ice, the Street View offers you an excellent 360 degree view of the South Base Camp, which is in Khumjung, Eastern Region, Nepal. And while you don’t have much multimedia here, the experience is still quite good. So if the trekker in you is being held back by purse string issues, go online and log into either of these platforms.

Published Date: May 29, 2013 02:04 pm | Updated Date: May 29, 2013 02:04 pm