Micromax says ICS tablet yet to be announced; not available for sale/pre-order yet

A few days ago, we had carried an article relating to a mysterious Ice Cream Sandwich running, Micromax tablet on Homeshop18. Priced at a cool Rs.7,999, this looked like one of the cheapest tablets running Android 4.0, even though the update has barely made it out to all Android devices. As far as we knew, Micromax had not announced any such device nor have there been any vague deatils leaked about it, previously. However, we dug a little deeper and manged to get some concrete news on this tablet and its ‘existence’. We spoke with the concerned representatives at Micromax and they replied saying, “Regarding the ICS tablet, the product has not been launched in India'. They further reported that, as of now, an ICS running tablet device, or a tablet of any kind was not available for sale in any of thier current retailing countries. The product is still under development, is what they added.  

ICS tablet for under Rs. 10,000

Now you see me, now you don't




Which brings us to a lot of questions and very few answers. The product shot, along with specifications was on the Homeshop18 site, till just a little while back, but has been pulled off the site, as of now. The fact that the availability of the device still having the 'Out of stock' mode, got us wondering whether the device has actually been sold out, or is yet to be made available. With the reply from Micromax, it is pretty much clear that the company hasn’t really been selling this tablet, so the chances of it going ‘out of stock’ are basically non-existent. It is possible that this was merely a leaked image.


Whatever the case may be, if this specific product is in the pipeline, and with those specs, then it may be one of the head turners, because in the local market, at least, we’re still stuck with Gingerbread running tablets. As we all know, Ice Cream Sandwich has been optimized to run smoothly and efficiently on both tablets and phones, so that’s one advantage the Micromax ICS tablet may have over its competitors. The rest of the specs for this tab include a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, 512 MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and microSD card support upto 32GB. Anyway, this could all just be mere speculation, as now all concrete evidences of this tablet have been made null and void.


Micromax has also informed us that the tablet, in question, although yet to be announced or even unveiled, is on their list of topics for the future. The design has not yet been revealed. As of now, it could still be in the proverbial drawing board phase for all we know, but it is certainly not available for purchase, of that we are sure.


Stay tuned to tech2 for more updates on the Micromax tablet, when they officially reveal its presence.


Published Date: Mar 17, 2012 02:41 pm | Updated Date: Mar 17, 2012 02:41 pm