Micro-USB Charger to be Standardized in Europe

This has been on the plate for a long time now. There might be a hundred reasons why you want to have a universal charger for all your phones. Well, one being your Nokia phone runs out of battery and your friend uses a Samsung handset. Chances are that you spend all the time with your phone switched off till you connect your phone to its respective charger.

This situation is all set to change, at least in Europe. The European Commission has addressed a mandate to the European Standards Organization, according to UberGizmo. ESO has accepted it and are doing the pre-requisite steps that are required to implement the change.

More phone compatibility coming soon

As per these standards, all major phone companies including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson will be coming out with micro-USB charger compliant handsets. According to the commission, these phones should be out early in 2011 and in about two years the chargers will be used predominantly.

Hopefully, cell phone users in India should be seeing this change in standards coming to their handsets pretty soon. Many of us have faced these non-compliant phone chargers for quite a while now and a universal phone charger will be a welcome change.

Published Date: Dec 30, 2010 05:27 pm | Updated Date: Dec 30, 2010 05:27 pm