MIB3 coming to Android and iOS

Gameloft is set to unveil the official game of the Men in Black III movie that is slated to launch a week before the movie itself. The game will be available for the iPhone, the iPad as well as the Android platform. Men in Black III has been developed by the popular game developer Gameloft and the official version of the game will be available for download on the 17th of May for both iOS and the Android ecosystem. With this new game, gamers will get a chance to handle their own Men in Black agency. As reported, they will also play the role of a new young agent working alongside Agent O, Agent K and Frank. These players will then gang up together in the game to fight against a new threat to humanity that will be led by the evil Radiant. 

Get ready for some action

Get ready for some action



For those living inside a box, Men in Black is one of the most popular action flicks and its third installation is coming soon to a theatre near you. The film's genre is 3D science fiction and has an explosive star cast with the likes of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This new movie is a sequel to the 2002 film, Men in Black II. Close to ten years have passed since that movie and around fifteen years, since the original movie and the franchise is going strong. Taking that into account, Gameloft has developed the new game for Android, iPhone and the iPad. 


Here’s a brief storyline for Men in Black 3. Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) go back in time to set things right. K’s life and the fate of the planet is in crisis and Agent J has to go back in time to set things the right way. J finds out changes about the universe that were never mentioned to him by K, and the secrets unveil slowly in the movie. The other actors in the movie, include Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve and Jemaine Clement. The game is also based on the same storyline and could make for a good precursor to the movie. 

Published Date: May 08, 2012 05:22 pm | Updated Date: May 08, 2012 05:22 pm