Metro: Last Light outsells Metro 2033 in first week

4A Games' latest title – Metro: Last Light – is a commercial success and has found favour with the critics too, says the company. In its first week on store shelves, sales of Metro: Last Light in the US far surpassed the sales figures for the last game in the series—Metro 2033. In the rest of the world, more copies of Last Light were sold in its first week, including both physical and digital copies, than the first three months of release for Metro 2033.

Publisher Deep Silver hasn't provided any specific numbers, but has noted that even the PC version of Last Light outsold the PC version of Metro 2033 by a factor of three. This comes as great news since PC versions of games generally don't tend to do as well in terms of sales as console versions.

The game is significantly outselling its predecessor

The game is significantly outselling its predecessor


"4A Games are honored by the reception our latest project has received," said 4A Games' Creative Director Andrew Prokhorov in a press release. "We are a small but dedicated team who are lucky to have been given the creative freedom and support to make the kind of experience we dream, as gamers, of playing."

The studio isn't done with Last Light just yet. Right now, 4A Games is working on DLC for the game. Four DLC packs for the game are planned, and all four of them can be bought through the season pass for the game, which costs $15 (approximately Rs 848) on the PC and PS3, and 1,200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360.


Published Date: Jun 01, 2013 12:34 pm | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2013 12:34 pm