Meet RainCatch, a raincoat that lets you drink collected rain water

Raincoats the world over are capable of protecting you against some pretty torrential rains but if Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble's vision becomes a reality, you’ll be protected and dehydrated at all times using their new ‘RainCatch” raincoat. This rather unusual raincoat actually collects rain water and then purifies it so that the user can sip on this natural beverage all day long.

Stay dry and hydrated at all times

Stay dry and hydrated at all times


According to the product’s video, the RainCatcher consists of a series of tubes that run the collected water through certain charcoal purifiers, chemically purifying it in the process. This purified water is then stored around the shoulders and pockets from where the user can sip on it.

No release date or pricing has been announced for this rather unique piece of clothing but it would be a boon in poorer countries where local residents constantly face water shortages.

Thanks to DVICE for the heads up.