Media Player Classic updated to version 1.7.13, the project is winding down after eleven years

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema has been updated to version 1.7.13. MPC is a lightweight and tiny video player, with a minimalist interface.  The changelog notes updates to libraries, a context menu for copying subtitle urls, and a fix for correct scaling of the MediaInfo properties tab on high DPI displays. What makes the update remarkable is that the developers have announced that this is probably going to be the last update the popular video playback software is likely to receive.

The project is winding down because of a lack of developers. There are four active developers left on the project, with only one actually working on the code. If any developer would like to contribute to the project and continue work on MPC, the project manager can be contacted at GitHub and Twitter. If no new developers come on board, it is the end of the road for MPC.

In the patch notes, XhmikosR, the project manager writes, "All things come to an end and life goes on. It’s been a nice journey and I’m personally pretty overwhelmed having to write this post. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way all these years; Remember, MPC-HC is an 11-year old project."



Published Date: Jul 17, 2017 07:53 AM | Updated Date: Jul 17, 2017 07:53 AM