McAfee Rolls Mobile Device Security Solutions

With constant threats to ones personal space online, the need for security and a foolproof one at that seems to be the need of the hour.  McAfee, the popular security technology provider, yesterday launched McAfee Mobile Security and McAfee WaveSecure Tablet Edition. McAfee claims that the idea behind these products is the very need for security that users look for when sharing their personal selves online.

Complete security package

Complete security package


Backing this very thought is a mobile security report called Mobility and Security: Dazzling Opportunities, Profound Challenges, which McAfee, together with Carnegie Mellon University rolled out, sometime last week. The report, McAfee states, highlighted that people feared the loss of their personal data mainly by the way of the accidental loss of a device, physical theft of the same, or loss of data due to the crash of the device.The new mobile device security solutions package offers -


  • help users secure their personal, sensitive data, by the way of the back-up and restore feature offered.
  • availability of remote lock, so as to avoid any possible misuse
  • an alarm, audible enough to let you know if your device is under threat
  • Also, the package allows users to discreetly wipe out their data from a stolen device using McAfee’s web portal
  • 24/7, real-time protection against malware
  • McAfee also offers protection from identity theft online using the SiteAdvisor software, specifically for devices running on Android.


McAfee has made the software available in a host of languages, including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, French (European and Canadian), Spanish,D utch, German, Swedish. The McAfee mobile security software is available for an annual subscription of $29.99 USD from both McAfee and the Android Market, whereas the McAfee Wave Secure software is available for an annual subscription of $19.99 USD from both McAfee and the Android market.