Massive Restructuring in Bharti Airtel to Cost 2,000 Jobs

Popular Indian mobile service provider, Bharti Airtel is gearing up for a restructuring process on a massive scale, its biggest since 2008 – the period of recession. As a part of the restructuring exercise, Airtel is looking at the merger of three of its separate businesses, i.e. its mobile, satellite TV (DTH), and fixed-line and broadband telemedia business, totally amounting to over 90 per cent of Airtel’s revenues. Only this merger will mean the ouster of 2,000 of its employees to be able to get in the others within a single, definite bracket.




It is largely being spoken about that the popular Indian mobile service provider is not doing too well, at least as far as the figures that it has been posting on the wall is concerned. So, at a time when restructuring is considered, Airtel also looks at cost-cutting, in order to boost profits. All these factors, understandably so, leaves the sword hanging on the fate of 2,000-odd employees at Airtel. The downsizing of workforce is also happening on micro-levels, as several executives have been asked to cut down the sizes of their teams.

Owing to the recent changes that have taken place in the Indian mobile market, especially with respect to the tariff prices among others, have been giving these brands sleepless nights. Now, with Airtel making a big move as this, other operators may follow suit, too.


Source: The Times of India

Published Date: Jun 25, 2011 01:16 pm | Updated Date: Jun 25, 2011 01:16 pm