Market Watch - Tablets (8th Nov 2011)

The tablet space is heating up. Just a few months back, apart from a couple of tablets by a few manufacturers, there wasn’t much choice for the Indian consumer. The number of tablets present in the market since then, has exploded. The year of 2011 can quite definitely be termed as the year of tablets for India as it is, for the rest of the world. This year hasn’t seen big price drops yet, like some might have expected and hoped. With the exception of a few, pretty much every tablet manufacturer has stuck to their original pricing. What has happened, however, is that there are a bunch of new tablets that have been introduced across various price brackets. We’ve seen tablets being launched by Reliance, Fly, Spice and Beetel, to name just a few. The customer is more curious than ever before and a lot of people are probing to find the best deals in the market. We decided to run out to the market and speak with a few shopkeepers to get an idea of what’s selling and what isn’t. If you're looking for the latest prices of tablets in India, scroll right to the bottom of the page.


We were told that Apple’s iPad 2 was the most popular tablet around followed by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, no surprises there! The iPad 2 is very popular and there have been healthy sales of the tablet over the months. This is probably to do with also the pricing of the products. Apple might have had the image of being a very premium product company, but with the iPad 2 being priced close to the Galaxy Tab and other premium tablets, a lot of people prefer to buy it. 


Not all tablets are popular though. For example, the shopkeepers suggested that HTC’s Flyer wasn’t nearly as close a hit as the Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2. This might be to be with the exorbitant pricing of the tablet. There are other brands such as Spice and Fly, and although they’re cheaper, there seems to be very average levels of interest for them. This might again to do with the brands. 


Whereas customers are looking for cheapest possible prices in most product categories, tablets seems to be an exception. Vendors are noticing that customers prefer to go for better quality, than pricing only. This seems to be hold true for products such as the Apple iPad 2. Tablets are becoming ubiquitious and they are no longer seen as luxury purchases these days, especially the high-end models. 


Apple’s iPad 2 might have also done really well this year in India due to a prompt launch as compared to their other products in the past, but vendors claim that interest levels have started peaking.  The weeks leading up to Diwali saw a lot of new product launches across categories in preparation for the festive season. Customers tended to be a little cautious when new products are being launched. There’s always the feeling that something better might be right around the corner. 


As the tides settle, there are more tablets expected in the market offering even more powerful hardware and features. This bundled with the new year approaching should hopefully see some price drops in the months to come. 


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Published Date: Nov 08, 2011 01:11 pm | Updated Date: Nov 08, 2011 01:11 pm