Market Watch: Monitors, PSUs and Gaming Mice

A few weeks ago, we did a Market Watch on the major PC components and gave you a list of what prices you can expect when going PC shopping, following which a lot of you asked for price updates on Monitors and other components. So in Part II of the Market Watch, we will give you a look at the Monitors, PSU’s as well as Gaming Mice. Just like the previous Market Watch, we have divided the components into different categories and have posted the best price we could find.

The most requested price update were for Monitors and rightly so. Monitors are what transform 1’s and 0’s into a window to the virtual world. Below you will find prices from different manufacturers across various sizes.

Your eyes to the virtual world

19” VX1937WMA - Rs. 6,999/-
19” VX1937WM - Rs. 6,999/-
20” VA2038wm - Rs. 7,999/-
22” VX2250wm - Rs. 10,999/-
24” VX2450wm - Rs. 14,500/-
24” VX2439wm - Rs. 14,300/-

24”G2420HD - Rs. 11,200
19” G922HDAL - Rs. 6,100
24” V2420H - Rs. 17,200
19” G702 - Rs. 6,100

19”E1910 - Rs. 6,000
24” S2409W - Rs. 12.500

19” B1930 - Rs 6,000
20” B2030N - Rs. 6, 350
23” P2370 - Rs. 14,000

Gaming Mice
The Mouse is one of the most important weapons a gamer wields - the manufacturer may differ but the aim remains the same. To dominate your opponent.

An extension of you

Cooler Master
CM Storm Sentinel Rs. 4,100
CM Inferno Rs. 3, 250

Abyssus Rs. 1,200
Deathadder Rs. 2000
Naga(MMO mouse) Rs. 4,100

SideWinder X5 Rs. 2,700
Habu Rs. 2,700

Power Supply
A lot of buyers overlook PSUs when building a new PC. A Generic PSU may be cool for a rig that doesn’t need a lot of power like an HTPC or an office computer. But if you are a gamer or building a high end rig, always make sure you buy a proper PSU.

The Computer's heart

VX450W Rs. 3,500
VX550W Rs. 4,700
TX750W Rs. 6,850
TX850W Rs. 9,400

Cooler Master
CM350 Plus Rs. 1,550
CM500W Extreme Power Rs. 2,800
GX 650W Rs. 5,100

TG600W Rs. 4,100

So there you have it, the latest price list on Displays and Peripherals. But if you find a better deal than the ones posted here, do let us know in the comments section, so that other readers can benefit from the killer deals as well.

Published Date: Dec 17, 2010 12:18 pm | Updated Date: Dec 17, 2010 12:18 pm