March 19, 2011: SuperMoon or SuperDoom?

March 19 seems like just another day waiting to pass. If that's what you're still thinking, think again! If speculations and claims of astrologer, Richard Nolle is anything to go by, then, March 19th would be anything, but 'just another day'.

Beautiful spectacle or dreadful debacle?

Beautiful spectacle or dreadful debacle?



The moon, on this day, is believed to come closer to earth, more than it has in 18 years. Its closeness to earth may cause disasters. Now, our lessons in Geography have taught us that moon's elliptical journey around earth lead to the cyclical tides in the ocean. With the moon on that day coming as close as 356,577 kilometers to earth; more than just 'cyclical tides' can be expected. Earthquakes, storms, intense tidal activity are some of the probable disasters that the impending 'SuperMoon' or lunar perigee may trigger.


However, like it happens with every speculated claim, this one hasn't proved to be an exception either. Astronomers, scientists, scholars in this subject have all smirked at Nolle's claim. Apparently, Nolle’s claim holds no water. SuperMoons are as common as eclipses, they argued.

We'd all like to believe that the SuperMoon just makes for a surreal experience, a rare spectacle. But, it remains to be seen if it's indeed Supermoon or SuperDoom!

Published Date: Mar 12, 2011 12:40 pm | Updated Date: Mar 12, 2011 12:40 pm