Malware active on Facebook can drain your bank account

If you never came across any information on "Zeus" in the past, then you have a good reason now to educate yourself about this six-year-old malicious program. A post on New York Times has revealed that Zeus is currently active on Facebook and users stand to lose a lot more than they think they do, if they do not pay heed. This dangerous Trojan horse has reportedly managed to infect several computers, most of which are located in the United States.

Once it manages to infect a computer, Zeus lies dormant and remains that way till the victim logs into a bank website. Once he's logged in, Zeus steals the password and drains the victim's account. Not only this, in some cases, Zeus has also managed to replace a bank's website with its own page to help it get more information - Social Security number, for instance, that can be sold.

Image source: Getty Images

Beware! (Image source: Getty Images)



Worryingly though, the Trojan has only been getting more active since its discovery back in 2007. In fact, Trend Micro researchers have said that Zeus’ malicious activities have grown steadily this year and reached its highest point last month.

Interestingly, Eric Feinberg, founder of the advocacy group Fans Against Kounterfeit Enterprise (FAKE), spotted a rise in such malicious links on popular NFL Facebook fan pages, eg: one created by a group called “Bring the NFL To Los Angeles".

Feinberg noticed an increase in suspicious pages and malicious links in recent weeks, and sent those links to Malloy Labs. The security lab confirmed Feinberg's suspicion. "The malware was being hosted from computers known to be controlled by a Russian criminal gang known as the Russian Business Network, which has been linked to various online criminal activities, ranging from malware and identity theft to child pornography," the post added.

He added that he attempted to alert Facebook, but wasn't happy with the response he got. “If you really want to hack someone, the easiest place to start is a fake Facebook profile– it’s so simple, it’s stupid," he said

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 01:33 pm | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 01:33 pm