MakeMyTrip Gets a Blackberry Application

Productivity includes booking trips and in this light, MakeMyTrip's announced MakeMyTrip Mobile for Blackberry users in India. It's an application, available through Blackberry's App World through which, Blackberry users can make or change travel plans. Users can search for flights, compare air-fares and set and use certain features as selection criteria when looking for flights. Flight preferences and personal details are stored to enable easier future transactions. MakeMyTrip assures that payment channels are secure; users can pay via MasterCard or Visa (no love for American Express yet).

Blackberry it, then book it

One interesting feature of the application is that it syncs with the Blackberry calendar on the phone to remember your flight details and send you reminders for your travel. Existing bookings can be accessed as well as information about delayed, missed and canceled flights. You can cancel your flights via the app and even get refunds from canceled flights. Another interesting feature of the app is that it somewhat also behaves like Google Places. It uses the phone's GPS to find nearby places of interest like restaurants, hotels etc and provides addresses and phone numbers. To download the MakeMyTrip mobile app for Blackberry, click here. The application doesn't have an iOS or Android version yet.

Published Date: Jan 24, 2011 04:46 pm | Updated Date: Jan 24, 2011 04:46 pm