Make your own slow-motion video on YouTube

Some things are best enjoyed in slow motion. Watching footballs in faces only gets more enjoyable to watch when it unfolds in slow motion, and YouTube's newest addition brings just this ability - it is now allowing users make their own slow-mo video on YouTube


If you're interested, you can start off by first going to the Enhancements tool or the YouTube Editor, and then applying it to one of your existing videos. The result will be a smooth, slow-mo video that gives out the impression that it was shot on a high-speed camera. Here's a video YouTube put out to show just how this works. Have a look below. 






"Turn your next video into an epic slomo moment, and check out the rest of the free Enhancement tools available to help you build a whole channel filled with awesome videos of any speed," Eron Steger, Software Engineer at YouTube says. 


Why just slow-mo? Recently, YouTube enabled the VHS mode on a select few videos on its site, that beamed back images reminiscent of the VHS era. You'll be able to spot the VHS button in the bottom right of the player. Yes, we’ve long moved away from our video tapes, and have since got ourselves newer media for crystal clear viewing; however, there's still some old world charm attached to those grainy, fuzzy looking images that were typical of older VHS tapes. 


In a post introducing the feature YouTube said it was in celebration of the 57th birthday of the first commercial video cassette recorder. “In celebration of the 57th birthday of the first commercial video cassette recorder, check out a fun VHS mode for the YouTube player to relive the magic feel of vintage video tapes,” the post said. 

Published Date: May 29, 2013 09:22 am | Updated Date: May 29, 2013 09:22 am