Madfinger Games makes Android version of Dead Trigger free-to-play

Android and iOS game developer Madfinger Games, famous for their game Shadowgun, recently announced that the Android version of their latest game Dead Trigger would be free.


Madfinger Games explained the reason for making the game free on the Facebook page for Dead Trigger. “The main reason: piracy rate on Android devices, that was unbelievably high. At first we intend to make this game available for as many people as possible - that’s why it was for as little as buck. - It was much less than $8 for Shadowgun but on the other hand we didn’t want to provide it for free, since we hadn’t got XP with free-to-play format so far”, explains the post.


However, even for one buck, the piracy rate is soooo giant, that we finally decided to provide Dead Trigger for free.” The post goes on to explain that Dead Trigger will not be a freemium game that Android and iOS games have an abundance of. It states, “It was and still remains free-to-play, that means all players are able to play it without IAP!” The lack of in-app purchases are sometimes to the detriment of the quality of some games, causing severe pay-to-win issues.


Kill more zombies!

Kill more zombies!



Here are some of the features as stated by the developers:


  • Stunning graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects
  • Full 3D characters and environments with an unprecedented level of detail
  • High quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack
  • Character animations recorded using high-end motion capture
  • Intuitive controls
  • Spectacular ragdoll effects
  • More than 40 hours of gameplay


Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways: 


  • Blast them out of existence with lethal weapons
  • Blow them up with powerful explosives
  • Chop off their limbs and let them die slowly
  • Shoot away their heads
  • Evolving zombie AI will keep you entertained
  • Follow the story or enjoy unlimited random missions


Dead Trigger for Android also has a special version optimized for Tegra 3 that harnesses the power of the 12 cores for special effects such as refraction of light in water, blood droplets that hit the screen, and particle effects. These extra effects are only visible on Tegra 3 devices since the processor has the chops to handle the eye-candy. The iOS version has some of the effects, but not all of them. The game is also available on Tegra Zone as well.


The game was first seen running on Android during the Google I/O event earlier this year running on the Nexus 7. It was released for iOS devices before Android and is on the iTunes App Store for $0.99. Dead Trigger is a first person shooter that delivers ‘console-quality FPS action’. The Android version of the game is now available for free on Google Play.

Published Date: Jul 24, 2012 10:34 am | Updated Date: Jul 24, 2012 10:34 am