Madfinger Games' Dead Trigger 2 will have an online multiplayer mode

Madfinger Games has announced a sequel to its gorgeous-looking zombie shooter Dead Trigger. The sequel, dubbed Dead Trigger 2, is taking a new direction with some of its gameplay mechanics and will have improved graphics compared to the original.

While the original Dead Trigger was a single player game, Dead Trigger 2 has some multiplayer components. Players will essentially be playing alongside hundreds of other players in a persistent world. Everyone has the same enemy—zombies. There will be solo missions, but there is more emphasis on the bigger picture.


For instance, when some players make progress in the game's world, new players who join in will be able to pick up where the older players left off without having to go through the whole game from scratch. Check out the trailer:



Much like the previous game, Dead Trigger 2 will have special Tegra features. If your device runs on a Tegra 4 chip, you'll be able to get advanced graphics including real time reflections in water, dynamic vegetation, cloth simulation and enhanced ragdolls. These effects will be toned down if you are using a non-Tegra device.

The company had earlier done this with the original Dead Trigger and Tegra 3. If you had a device running on Tegra 3, you'd be able to switch on advanced graphics options that made the game look much better.

Dead Trigger 2 will be coming out on iOS and Android devices. The company has also hinted at a PC version of the game.

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 03:40 pm | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 03:40 pm