Mac OS Lion Coming Within a Week

The much awaited OS X Lion is said to be releasing soon and will be priced around 29.99$ (approximately Rs. 1,500). Apple Insider reports that the software update will be introduced in stores this Wednesday, however, other sources state that it will come out some time next week along with the new MacBook Air as we had mentioned earlier. The official Apple web site has not specified any accurate information, and only stated that they would notify the customers once it's available for download. OS X Lion will also be introduced as an upgrade software in the app store.


Coming This Week

Coming, this week...



Customers will also be given the benefit of taking their portable Mac products to their nearby Apple retailers and downloading the software directly. However, nothing has been confirmed whether the same benefits would apply to Indian customers until the actual launch of the software. Since there are 250 new features in the OS X Lion, retailers will be given special training on the software. Among most popular features of the OS X Lion are also new multi touch features, Mission Control as well as full screen applications and auto save for application data. You can also check out some of its other interesting features in detail here.

Published Date: Jul 19, 2011 11:17 am | Updated Date: Jul 19, 2011 11:17 am