Lulzsec Hacks into ZeniMax Media

The hacker group, Lulzsec has struck again. After hacking Sony, Nintendo, FBI, PBS, and other websites with successful hack attacks they have now turned their attention to Bethesda Software which is a subsidiary of video gaming company, ZeniMax Media.

Lulzsec hacks Bethesda

Lulzsec hacks Bethesda


Lulzsec have posted a press release through their Twitter page that after mapping their internal network and thoroughly pillaging all of their servers, they grabbed all their source code and database passwords, and shifted it silently, back to their storage deck. They also said that they had broken into Bethesda over two months ago and that they have had all their users’ information for weeks.

It is reported that a torrent file contains a list of all of the servers that were compromised, as well as admin data, password hashes, configuration files, and network mappings. The attack was caused by a local file infusion (LFI) vulnerability against the Brink website, after which they were able to SSH into the affected servers.

However, the press release by Lulzsec states that they were holding back the 200,000 plus user information obtained since they wanted the company to speed up the production of Skyrim.

Published Date: Jun 14, 2011 11:27 am | Updated Date: Jun 14, 2011 11:27 am