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Imagine you are burning the midnight oil, studying for your exams and you suddenly get the craving to have a cheesy sandwich or a spicy biryani. Where do you go then? Or what if you are having a party and run out of soft drinks? That can surely take away the fizz from the celebrations. At such hours, finding local shops and restaurants that are still open will be difficult.  Even if you live in a metro, you will find some roadside eatery or some shops that might cater to you, but they may not always be conveniently located, besides venturing out at such an unearthly hour is not always the safest thing to do.  


Coming to your rescue then, are midnight food delivery services. Most of these are established by those familiar with the hunger pangs that invariably strike at the oddest hours. The menu is available on their site or their Facebook page and you can call them to place an order. They will bring piping hot food at your doorstep well past Cinderella’s hour. Apart from food some of these services also supply essentials like packaged water, medicines, condoms and more. So the next time you find yourself without these essentials, do check out these sites.    


Fly By Knight Fly By Knight also delivers essentials

Fly By Knight also delivers essentials



Started in June 2012, by Neha Jain, an ex-Google employee, Fly By Knight is quite popular amongst the night crowd in Mumbai. She thought of the difficulties she faced as a single woman living alone in Mumbai, where getting food or even packaged water in middle of the night is a task. The idea of a service of this kind came from her friend Sanjiv Nair and Fly By Knight started out with delivering just the ready to eat food items. But by popular demand they started serving hot meals. They have a limited menu - you can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items that consist of things like Biryani, Fried Rice, Noodles, and Gravy. You can also opt for munchies like wafers and packs of Maggi noodles. For those with a sweet tooth they have chocolates and brownies. In beverages they have soft drinks and packaged water. In Mumbai it’s the only service that apart from food also provides other items like cigarettes, lighter, condoms, hygiene products, chewing gum and even Eno! Fly By Knight also offers several cost effective combo packs that you can opt for, these include combos of both hot meals as well as munchies. It operates between 11.00 PM to 4.00 AM and their service is available in all areas between Colaba and Goregaon. Delivery charges are a Rs 100 over the bill; however, for orders over Rs 500 the delivery charges are waived off. Neha and her business partner Jude de Souza (who owned a similar service named NightCall, which joined hands with Fly By Knight) is looking to expand the services and has NCR and Bangalore on their agenda. Another area they want to venture into is to offer medicines online.  


Midnite Express From selling Paranthas they now deliver wide range of meals

From selling parathas they now deliver a wide range of meals



While there are a couple of midnight delivery services catering to the hungry junta in Delhi and surrounding areas, Midnite Express operational since 2010 was the first one to introduce the concept. A software engineer by profession, Karan Anand, first started the service in North Campus of Delhi University. He was aware of the fact that Delhi as a city was not safe for women and they couldn’t step out late in the night for a quick bite, unlike guys. Sensing an opportunity, he decided to act on it. After convincing his parents about his business idea, he started off by selling hot Paranthas amongst students. From selling Paranthas he now delivers wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. You can choose from food items like Bhurji, Spring rolls, Biryanis, Curries, Rolls, and of course a wide range of Parathas. It offers good combo meal options, which are reasonably priced. Apart from meals you can also order for mineral water, juices and beverages. Midnite Express also delivers stuff like chips, chocolates, paan and even hookah. And if you want to surprise your loved one, then you can choose their service to deliver cakes and flower bouquets. Currently, they have two kitchens and are operational from 10 PM to 4 AM. They provide free delivery to homes and offices and cover the areas of Gurgaon, Dwarka, South Delhi and North Campus-Delhi University. In the pipeline is a food-on-wheels service that will be operated at two junctions to deliver food.

Batman Delivers 

After from food, Batman Delivers also stocks essentials

Apart from food, Batman Delivers also stocks essentials



If you stay in Gurgaon, then you can rely on Batman Delivers to satisfy your midnight food cravings. Armed with a cool name and a logo, the service has been co-founded by Leena Malik, 26 year old fashion designer, who thought about starting a service after the Delhi rape incident. Having recently relocated from US to Gurgaon, she became acutely aware of how unsafe the city was. Alongwith this what also acted as a deciding factor is the fact that owing to the changing lifestyles there are more people who stayed up late in the night, either working or partying. After months of planning, the service went live in April this year. Batman Delivers is not just restricted to food but also delivers beverages, medical essentials and party items. They have an assorted food menu, apart from popular Indian delicacies like Biryani, Kathi Rolls, Parathas, you can also pick from Salads, Sandwiches and Pastas. When it comes to beverages, you can choose from soft drinks, milk shakes and mineral water. Those with a sweet tooth can pick from cakes, chocolates and even ice creams. An interesting section is ‘Essentials’ where you will find an array of useful things ranging from cigarettes, basic medicines, condoms, hygiene products to even tissue papers, disposable plates/cups, and even shaving kits among other things. They have a central kitchen from where they operate and currently deliver in the entire New Gurgaon. Depending upon the distance, you will have to pay a delivery charge that is anywhere between Rs 50 and Rs 100. You can order food any time between 9PM to 5AM, and they take around 40 minutes to deliver. They plan to expand their service to other parts of Delhi and NCR and also on the cards is a physical store. 


MadBites     MadBites plans to go 24x7

MadBites plans to go 24x7



Here’s another option for Mumbaiites. Established in December 2012, by Avik Chatterjee, MadBites delivers scrumptious food all night long. Avik himself a night junkie, was aware of a lack of good places that delivered food late in the night. He was sure that there would be many like him suffering the hunger pangs and he started MadBites, to address the same. They have a kitchen located in the heart of the city from where they deliver piping hot meals. You won’t find any snacks, but instead you can choose from wide variety of food items like Salads, Pastas, Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, Chinese, Curries and Biryani. For desserts you can choose from Chocolate Mousse, Brownies, and even Ice-creams. MadBites provides you with the option to place an order and pay online, or you can choose to pay cash on delivery. It delivers from 8PM to 4AM, in areas between Dadar and Mulund on the Central line, till Malad on Western line and till Chembur on the Harbour Line. They have a minimum order policy of Rs 350, for areas other than Powai, Chandivli, SakiNaka and Vikhroli. MadBites keeps conducting promotions on their Facebook page and also gives away freebies. They even have an interesting no door bell policy, and their delivery boys instead of ringing your doorbell, will call you on your phone. MadBites plans to expand to other metros and also in the offing is a 24x7 service.        


Midnight Munchies MidNight Munchies delivers in all of South Delhi

MidNight Munchies delivers in all of South Delhi



Arjun Sethi, a former Ernst & Young employee, led a typical lifestyle followed by most youngsters today. He often found himself staying out late at night, either working or hanging out with friends. And when he got home, food was always a problem. That’s when he thought of launching a service that would deliver food past midnight for those like him. He launched Midnight Munchies in September 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. What Midnight Munchies offers is vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items like Sandwiches, Pizzas, Rolls, Noodles, Wedges and Nuggets. In beverages you have soft drinks, juice and packaged water, while desserts are restricted to cup cakes. They deliver to almost all of South Delhi and you can place an order from 11.30PM to 4.00AM. They do not have delivery charges, but you will have to place a minimum order of rRs 350. They are looking to open more satellite kitchens all through NCR and also on agenda is a mobile application and online payment gateway.    


MidNight Hunger Solutions  A 24x7 food delivery service in Bangalore

A 24x7 food delivery service in Bangalore



For the techies in Bangalore, there is MidNight Hunger Solutions, established by Vaibhav Ali, which has been catering to hungry stomachs since February 2012. Ali who was formerly an event manager would end-up working late in the night and often have to settle for street food. Concerned about the hygiene and the nutritional value, he came up with MidNight Hunger Solutions. Even though it is named MidNight Hunger Solutions, in reality it delivers food 24x7. They have a central kitchen and they deliver all over Bangalore. Depending on the distance, you will have to pay a delivery charge that ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 100. They have an extensive menu, though the vegetarian food options are quite limited. You can choose from Parathas, Rolls, Chinese, Tandoori, Gravy, Rice and Noodles. You can opt for full or half meal, which is a good thing. They don’t serve munchies or any junk food.  Rather unfortunately they don’t have beverages on their menu, which could come in handy to wash down the heavy food. Their clientele is a mix of both office crowd and party goers. Ali says that their Chicken and Biryani dishes are quite popular amongst their patrons. MidNight Hunger Solutions also runs promotions on Facebook, and currently are giving away one movie ticket for a couple, every week.


NightDragon They will try and arrange food that is not on the menu

They will try and arrange food that is not on the menu



Another post midnight food delivery service in Mumbai, NightDragon was established by Sachin Singh and his friend. They came across several people, especially those living alone in the city, who faced the dilemma of getting good quality food after coming back from work late in the night. They launched NightDragon that delivers meals, ready to eat food items, and beverages. They have tie-ups with late night restaurants across the city and depending on the order, deliver food from the closest kitchen. NightDragon has a limited menu to choose from  - vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian delicacies like Bhurji, Biryani and Curries. Additionally, they also have some Chinese dishes. However, if you are craving for something that’s not on the menu, then they will check with their kitchens whether it can be arranged and if it can, then they will inform you about the same. And though not mentioned in their menu, they also deliver cigarettes and even medicines on request. They take orders between 10PM to 3AM and deliver all across Mumbai and even in Thane. Depending on the area, they charge Rs 50 or Rs 100 as delivery charges.

Have you tried any of these services? Do let us know your experience.  


Disclaimer: We haven’t tried any of these services and therefore cannot provide guarantee about the quality of food or the service.         


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