London gallery to display Instagram photos

iPhone photography, or iphone-ography, has been well on its way to be considered art and here's just another piece of evidence for it. On the 22nd and the 23rd of October, this year, an art gallery in Brick Lane, London will be hosting an Instagram exhibit. We all know Instagram as the photo-sharing iPhone application, that's been 'coming soon' to Android forever, now. It's also got some neat filters, shift focus and connectivity with Facebook and Twitter. The East Gallery in London will be supporting Instagram photographers in an exhibit called 'My World Shared'.


The "My World Shared" Instagram exhibit



The photographs will come from 30 photographers who belong to the the London branch of Instagrammers, which is a community that provides tips and tricks to other Instagram users, arranges photo walks and other social events for its users. The theme of the event is meant "to record in images our world around us, our lives, our outlook, our views, and share that view with the rest of the world". This exhibit can't do anything else, but help Instagram, which made the 150 millionth photo milestone, last month. Keep in mind, this app has been out since last November and is only available for one mobile platform, currently. Click here for our article on iPhone photography.