Location Tracking Glitch: Apple Makes First Compensation

The past few months saw Apple receiving a lot of flak for its actions, be it for its numerous patent infringement claims, or the location tracking glitch. Going back in time by a bit would bring the readers to the time when Apple was being criticized for the ‘location tracking’ feature on its iPhone. Furious at the way the iPhone manufacturer was trampling on their privacy and security, several users began taking resort to legal procedures, to get back at Apple. Several lawsuits were filed by iPhone users round the globe.

Pay up...

Pay up...


Yesterday, South Korean based Kim Hyung-Suk, was the first one to receive compensation from Apple. Infuriated Kim had approached the court in the southern city of Changwon. A lawyer by profession, Kim had filed a lawsuit against Apple on April 26, this year after he found that his moves were being tracked as a part of the smartphone’s feature. He stated that the feature ‘infringed on his constitutional rights of privacy and freedom, and caused him psychological stress.’ At the legal proceedings thereafter, 36-year old Kim demanded for compensation worth 1 million won, roughly $950. The court then ordered Apple to agree to the same, and compensate him for the damages caused. Apple obediently complied.

South Korea alone is home to 3 million iPhone users, and with Kim Hyung-Suk’s success, many more lawsuits are likely to follow. If you haven't been following the location tracking glitch that Apple had found itself in, then click here


Source: Agencies

Published Date: Jul 15, 2011 11:23 am | Updated Date: Jul 15, 2011 11:23 am