Locals and khaki cops: Subway Surfers world tour comes to Mumbai

Subway Surfers, the hit endless running game has been on a world tour for a while. After hit editions of the subway vandals pacing around in London, Sydney and Rome, Kiloo Games has brought the hit franchise to India now.

With an update to your game, you will now be able to pace around in the “colourful streets” of Mumbai and dodge trains in the city. The tracks are lined with fruit stalls and the game is decked up with a lot more earthy colours. If you’ve ever been to the city, you’ll find that the game shows off trains in the same brown and cream colour as Mumbai's famous 'locals'.

Welcome to Mumbai

Welcome to Mumbai


The game also adds a new collectible character called Jay you can use while playing. The character looks suspiciously similar to Milkha Singh as portrayed by Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, down to the number tag attached on the back of his shirt. Interestingly, even the inspector in the game that chases the characters is dressed up in khaki colours to go with the uniform worn by police officers in the city. You will now have to collect a total of 10 lotuses (lotuses in an election year? Fishy...) in the game while playing. Check out the gameplay:


For those not in the know, Subway Surfers features subway vandals Jake, Tricky and Fresh run away from the police inspector and his dog after painting on the train cars. You also have to dodge the oncoming trains while collecting coins in the meanwhile. Special objects such as a jetpack, jumping shoes and a hoverboard are peppered through the track and the object is to run as long as possible, while completing mini challenges along the way. You can also challenge and help your friends from within the game.

The game finally made its way to Windows Phone in December but surprisingly, that version of the game is still stuck in the London leg of the World Tour. You can, however, run through the streets of Mumbai on your Android and iOS devices.

Published Date: Jan 03, 2014 10:38 AM | Updated Date: Jan 03, 2014 10:38 AM