Local Twitter account hacked because "tweets weren't funny"

Local Twitter had some drama today. The twitter account of @BollywoodGandu, whose identity has always been clandestine, was hacked by someone calling him/herself Anonymous Abagnale (whose own Twitter account is @AnonAbagnale), an obvious mashup of the hacking organization, Anonymous and cheque forger Frank Abagnale Jr. (watch Catch Me If You Can). The user announced the hack in a tweet from the @BollywoodGandu account itself saying that the account had been hacked. The user followed it up with a blog post on why s/he hacked the account. The hacker said s/he had no plans to use the account, just to shut it down. Even if s/he contradicted himself a little later (read on).

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S/he then posted from his/her own Twitter account saying that the original account holder's access to third party applications has been revoked. S/he also has tweeted at other users saying that s/he has access to direct messages sent by the original @BollywoodGandu to actual Bollywood stars and exposing those DMs would expose the original account holder's identity. That hacker says s/he is a student of computer science and when this reporter asked the original @BollywoodGandu how s/he thinks the account got hacked into, s/he said that it wasn't just a password guess.


The blog post is the interesting part, because it exposes why the hacker did what s/he did. From the blog post itself, the reasons to hack were not for fame or followers, but because the account holder was saying offensive things about Bollywood actors, directors and films, as well as "He isn't funny anymore". The original BollywoodGandu then created his/her own blog post as a response, the most important part of which was pointing out the criminality of what the hacker had just done. It reads, "@AnonAbagnale if you are reading this – You are dumb and you have no sense of humor. Also you've committed a crime as per Indian Information Technology Act 2000 - Chapter IX. So technically, you're also a criminal."


AnonAbagnale has received support from other Twitter users, including some calling him the Robin Hood of Twitter. What does the original @BollywoodGandu have to say to that? "He's the Robin Hood of Twitter like Salman Khan was Robin Hood in Dabangg". The original account holder says s/he is considering filing charges against AnonAbagnale.

Published Date: Jan 12, 2012 05:03 pm | Updated Date: Jan 12, 2012 05:03 pm