Live shots of the Samsung GT-i9300 surface; is it the new S III?

These Galaxy S III leaks are getting pretty ridiculous, right about now and we just wish Samsung would come out and unveil it already. The latest news comes in the form of some live shots of what appears to be an ICS running Samsung phone, but without any capacitive buttons. A closer look at the settings menu reveals a GT-i9300 model number and Android 4.0.3. Compared to some of the “real S III” images that leaked a couple of days back, this one looks nothing like it, in fact, the S II had a much better design, compared to this one, so we doubt this would be the new S III.

Samsung, why you mess with our minds?

Samsung, why you mess with our minds?



Going by the model number alone, logic would dictate that this should be the S III, since the Galaxy Nexus is the GT-i9250 and the S II was the GT-i9100. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that the S III will have the i9300 tag, so this looks like a lower end phone that would probably sit between the S III and the S II, or may just replace the S II. The phone appears to be in a black casing, so if you picture it without it, it’s pretty much all screen. Samsung hasn't wasted any space at the bottom either and they’ve finally given up the capacitive buttons for onscreen buttons. The screen certainly looks big, well over 4.3-inches, which does point to the S III. 


We can also see the phone running TouchWiz UX UI but it’s a lot different, compared to TouchWiz on the S II, after the ICS update. While the icons are from Samsung, the rest of the skin is from stock ICS, which is why it looks different and a lot nicer, I may add. It’s hard to tell, but the screen also looks more like an SLCD version, rather than Super AMOLED, so this could be a cheaper version of the S III. We’ll know more about it once Samsung announces it next month. What do you make of this leaked photo?


Published Date: Mar 23, 2012 10:39 am | Updated Date: Mar 23, 2012 10:39 am