Live blog: Follow Facebook’s Android Home event with tech2

We are very close to Facebook’s announcement about the new home screen and UI experience for Android centred around the social network. We are also expecting an HTC smartphone, the first device to run Facebook Home, the name for the experience. Aptly called, HTC First, the phone has already leaked ahead of its launch.

The company has already sent invitations saying: "Come see our new home on Android." The event is scheduled for 10 am Pacific Time (10:30 pm IST) and you can follow it right here on tech2’s live blog.

While we have no concrete idea of what we will be seeing in Facebook Home, we can guess that it will leverage the existing social sharing architecture of Android and put the world’s largest social network front and centre.

Also expected are visual changes, in line with the new News Feed that was unveiled in March. Much of the visual experience will come thanks to deep Instagram integration, but we are hoping to see some nifty new features besides the ones we are already familiar with.

It has been said that Facebook Home will be coming to other Android devices as well, with users being able to experience all the perks of a ‘Facebookised’ Android launcher on their smartphones.

A lot of users have complained about the badly managed Facebook app on the platform, so we are sure Android fans will be eagerly waiting for what Mark Zuckerberg and co have prepared for them.

Stay tuned to our live blog below.

Published Date: Apr 04, 2013 18:10 PM | Updated Date: Apr 04, 2013 18:10 PM