LinkedIn unveils new feature to help members find their dream job

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has unveiled a new feature – LinkedIn Jobs, as per a blog post. LinkedIn's Vaibhav Goel elaborates that the new LinkedIn Jobs is an attempt at helping users find their dream job. The feature brings forth opportunities at companies, where a user has an "in", say, a first degree connection who can then refer him and thus, facilitate the first step in. Among some of the highlights of this new feature are deeper job searches with the Advanced Search options by country and zip code, industry and function, focusing on open positions. 


Goel adds that the new feature is a quicker way to view the latest jobs by surfacing new results from a user's saved searches. It also offers users easier access to "Jobs you may be interested in", so they can find opportunities based on the details on their LinkedIn profile. Also, users can click on the "Save Job" link on jobs they are interested in and keep track of them  on their LinkedIn Jobs page. 

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Helping users find their dream jobs



Also, those subscribing to LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium will see that LinkedIn has added a new Advanced Search feature, so they can find jobs that meet their salary requirements. There are embedded tips, too, that LinkedIn claims can help users make most of their job search. LinkedIn will roll out the new feature to all their users around the world in the weeks to come.


A recent report revealed that LinkedIn has hit 200 million members across 200 countries and 19 language user groups. It was also revealed that approximately two new members joined LinkedIn every second. It took LinkedIn a while to get to this landmark figure. The site hit 100 million members nearly two years ago in March 2011. The 100 million mark was reached nearly eight years after the site’s founding in 2003. The rate at which LinkedIn is growing is a far cry from Facebook’s expansion rate, but it has to be noted that LinkedIn works as an interactive résumé for users to hone their career and skills – it’s serious business.


LinkedIn senior vice president of products and user experience, Deep Nishar, released several facts and figures with a neat infographic to celebrate the milestone LinkedIn had reached. According to LinkedIn's released figures, the US houses most members of the professional social networking website, with over 74 million of them. Not surprisingly, India comes in second with 18 million LinkedIn members belonging to the country. Brazil and United Kingdom had 11 million members each.


The most interesting of all the figures revealed, though, was one where Nishar says that LinkedIn adds approximately two new members each second, with around 172,800 new registrations per day. LinkedIn, of course, never revealed the number of active users the site has. It would be a litmus test of sorts for the site to mention how many users actively use the site to connect professionally.

Published Date: Feb 16, 2013 15:10 PM | Updated Date: Feb 16, 2013 15:10 PM