LinkedIn survey studies "happy quotient" of professionals at job

LinkedIn, in a survey carried out to access the levels of job satisfaction of professionals, globally, along with their career ambitions found out that most Indians (67 percent) were happy with their professional lives, rating their happiness as either "happy" or "very happy". The survey spanned across 12,000 professionals across the globe. 63 percent of the 12,000 professionals seemed happy and content with their current line of work. 

Displaying the

Displaying the "happy" quotient at work (Image credit: Getty Images)




Further in the survey, 80 percent of the professionals in Netherlands rated their happiness quotient in their jobs as, either "happy" or "very happy", making them the leader in the pack, while professionals in Japan turned quite a poor number, as only 31 percent of their working force seemed to be happy with their current job, making them the least happiest professionals in the bunch. 


The survey also gave an equally deep look at the career ambitions of the global professional workforce, and the findings were, to say the least, optimistic. It was learnt that most professionals were hopeful about their future in the current job. 52 percent of the global workforce, reportedly believe that hard work, and visible results would better the chances of their growth in the company - 60 percent of the professionals in India believe this making them rank 3rd. 


Professionals in Brazil, however turned out to be the most optimistic of the lot, since 63 percent of them see hard work and visible results as a sure shot way of excelling at work. While only 44 percent of those in Spain believe in this ideology.  


LinkedIn also threw in a bunch of options for professionals to choose from to depict their career ambitions, and they could choose more than one option as their ideal. Those in India chose the following as their top career ambitions (in that order) - 


  • Get promoted, 
  • Work abroad and
  • Change industries or careers

Published Date: Nov 19, 2011 04:05 pm | Updated Date: Nov 19, 2011 04:05 pm