LinkedIn rolling out new streamlined Navigation Bar

In an effort to make the experience of browsing and discovery easier, LinkedIn has announced that it is revamping its navigation bar on its site. This redesign follows the recent tweaks LinkedIn has made to its profile layout, homepage design and mobile application, in order to make the service easier to use.


“Over the last year and half we’ve had the chance to learn quite a bit from you about the types of changes that add the most value to your daily professional life, and we’ve brought some of these learnings to the new navigation,” wrote Amy Parnell, Principal Designer at LinkedIn, about how the redesign came about.

The brand new navigation bar

The brand new navigation bar


The new navigation bar looks cleaner, and more streamlined than the existing one on LinkedIn. The search bar has pushed its way from the extreme right of the page to front-and-centre, laying emphasis on the service’s search functionalities. Accessing settings and account options now is pretty simple too. You need to hover on your profile picture on the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar and go on to choose from a list of account, languages and settings options from the drop down menu.

Instead of a bunch of options like Groups, Jobs, Inbox, Companies, News and More, LinkedIn’s new navigation bar will be streamlined into options like Network, Jobs and Interests, in order to keep the bar clutter free.

English speaking members of LinkedIn are all set to get the new navigation bar over the next month, LinkedIn has said.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that after acquiring Pulse, LinkedIn has acqui-hired Maybe, a polling startup. In a move that will possibly strengthen the professional social network’s grip into the mobile space, TechCrunch has revealed that all of Maybe’s staff, with the exception of founder Omar Hamoui, has made its way to LinkedIn’s mobile division already. How much the deal cost LinkedIn has not been revealed.

Hamoui confirmed the saying, “After a number of different product directions we didn’t feel that what we were building was having the impact we wanted.” He went on to add, “Although we had plenty of cash of in the bank, we were really impressed with the team and vision at LinkedIn. Having the excellent mobile focused team we had built join them was clearly a way to have the kind of impact we were hoping for.”

Published Date: May 24, 2013 11:01 AM | Updated Date: May 24, 2013 11:01 AM