LinkedIn now has over 20 million members from India

India is second to none when it comes to connecting with family and friends on social networking websites. And when it comes to professional social networking, the country is not too far behind. LinkedIn has announced that it has crossed 20 million registered users in India.

At 20 million, LinkedIn says that if the user base were a city, it would have a member population comparable to that of Mumbai’s total metropolitan area and larger than that of many countries in the world. The only country that has a wider user base than India currently is US. The chasm in numbers is pretty wide too, with US being home to 74 million users of LinkedIn.

Ever since its launch in India back in November 2009, LinkedIn says that the service has grown by almost 500 percent. The 20 million members from India currently constitute about 9 percent of LinkedIn’s global membership that stands at about 225 million plus. It also makes up for half of LinkedIn’s Asia base that currently stands at around 40 million.


LinkedIn is now home to 20 million users from India


LinkedIn says that IT, Computer Software and Accounting are the top three industries that Indians on the site are involved in. The figures also mention funny tit-bits – Bollywood, Yoga, Cricket and Curry are some interesting keywords Indians use in their profiles.

TCS, Infosys and IBM are some of the most in-demand employers, according to the site, while Ganganagar, Jalandhar and Delhi-NCR are the top locations where LinkedIn users have indicated that they love their jobs.

Talking about the milestone, Nishant Rao, LinkedIn India’s Country Manager, said, “While we have come of age in India, we still have a long runway to grow with our members and clients.” He added, “Helping members get the most out of the LinkedIn platform remains our primary focus, and it’s exciting to see professionals in India continuing to leverage LinkedIn in multiple ways, from enhancing their professional profiles with rich media content and growing their global networks, to gaining insights for their businesses and finding career opportunities. This is helping to create economic opportunities for all.”

Not bad for a service that has just turned ten, we think!

Published Date: May 16, 2013 17:03 PM | Updated Date: May 16, 2013 17:03 PM