LinkedIn launches revamped app for BB6, BB7

LinkedIn’s Charlton Soesanto, in a recent blog post, announced the launch of the revamped LinkedIn for BlackBerry apps for users of the BB6 and the BB7 OS. He writes, “We know you’re “going places.” Fortunately, there’s another way now to access the power of LinkedIn while you’re on the go!” With the revamped app for BlackBerry users, the company is looking at enhancing the experience. Soesanto shared further that the LinkedIn for BlackBerry app is available in eight new languages -- including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Indonesian, Hindi, and Portuguese.


BB6 and BB7 users will be able to view their network’s new connections, job changes, and shared posts from the stream, as well as top news from LinkedIn Today. The revamped LinkedIn for BlackBerry app allows users to view and respond to their invitations and messages both in the same place. Using the app, BB6 and BB7 users can review their profiles, see who has viewed their profiles and also share an update. They can add people they may know or look through their connections.


For the professional on-the-go



The post further shares ways to not only use the revamped LinkedIn app on Blackberry, but also be productive and successful while. If a user is about to have a meeting a client, then using the app he can learn more about that person, while she is on her way. While waiting for their public transit, users can view all that is current in the industries they are following.  


LinkedIn recently introduced a redesigned profile page. LinkedIn's Aaron Bronzan shared that the renewed LinkedIn profile pages will embody a new visual design that will help users to present their skills and accomplishments in a refreshed way, so that they can have a powerful first impression and showcase their skills and accomplishments. LinkedIn has also included new tools such as inline editing. Bronzan adds that users will be able to have a complete, up-to-date profile.


LinkedIn shares that the new profile will be a window for the user to "rich and visual insights" on their connections, comprising people and companies. Using these insights, users should find it easier to know people outside their network better and attain a common ground for more meaningful connections.


LinkedIn's Angela Yang recently announced the introduction of a new feature to the social network for professionals -- Notifications. As the name suggests, LinkedIn's new notification feature keeps users notified in real-time, each time their contacts Like the content they share on LinkedIn, view their profile, accept their invitation, etc. 


Yang demonstrated that users should be able to spot a notification flag at the top of their homepage and a new Inbox envelope icon. Every time there is something new, such as comments, Likes or Shares, an accepted connection request, new inMails, among other things, a red circle will appear. She went on to add, "This new feature is all part of our ongoing effort to make it easier to keep engaging discussions going with your network".

Published Date: Oct 25, 2012 16:50 PM | Updated Date: Oct 25, 2012 16:50 PM