Linaro could double the performance of Android Ice Cream Sandwich

We all know that the current version of Google’s Android operating system is already really speedy in comparison to the previous OS updates. But if a post by Odroids is to be believed, then it could be a 100 percent faster with an Android build called Linaro that is a joint project between Samsung, Texas Instruments, IBM and other manufacturers.

With this build, as per the report, the author states, “Linaro is a project to optimize Android on ARM architecture, architecture that carries almost all the terminals that are sold today. ts main function is to ensure that Android can do better in those architectures, and so far the results are amazing.”



The report goes on to state, “Improvements can be seen in the video that we made on these lines, but in statistical terms can be seen that the improvement reach temrinal double the capacity, which amounts to a 100% improvement. On the left you can see a stock rom Android on a plate identical to the Motorola RAZR and right the same plate but with an optimized Androdi Linaro.”

In a related report by teknoids, commenting on Linaro, the author states, “Basically, parts of the Linaro code have been submitted to the CM9 gerrit and are currently awaiting approval. Once commited, these tweaks will be added to the main CM9 code, giving all supported devices a drastic increase in performance. The good news doesn't end there, though: Galaxy Nexus owners can already take an unofficial CM9 build with the Linaro bits for a whirl. From what we've read, this build is noticeably faster and more fluid right out of the gate. Awesome. Since the first rule of CM is don't ask for ETAs, we have no idea when we could start seeing builds show up with Linaro code, so for now, we'll all just have to take comfort in knowing that things in the CM9 world are getting ready to get a lot faster.”

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich an already blazing fast operating system, this will surely delight anyone as this can only make it a lot faster than it currently is. Let us know your thoughts on the Linaro project in the comments section below.

Published Date: Jun 11, 2012 10:06 am | Updated Date: Jun 11, 2012 10:06 am