LG's Next Phone: Retina Display and Super AMOLED Killer?

Lately, there's been a lot of chatter about the LG Optimus 2X - earlier known as the Star - and its impressive specs. Now with its official release, a lot of people would've been forgiven for thinking LG was putting everything behind the device. According to Phandroid though, those people would've been horribly wrong because LG's already busy preparing their next phone - a Droid which has been under wraps for a while and is codenamed the LG B. The smartphone apparently is extremely thin - thinner than the Galaxy S and even the iPhone 4. There's no word on the actual measurements, though.


The real showstealer has to be the display though, as the 4-inch screen supposedly bests the Galaxy S' Super Amoled and the iPhone 4's Retina Display in terms of brightness. However, there's no word (again) on the actual specs of the display.


Excited yet? I'm sure you are, but I'm here to tell you to hold your horses. There's a possibility of this being a hoax and there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, take a look at that image with the three phones lined up. I have no doubt you took a look at it earlier and noticed the extra-bright screen, but I want you to take a closer look - especially at the contents of the LG B's (in the middle) and the Samsung Galaxy S' (on the right) screens. You'll notice both images are the exact same, right down to even the notification bar. Did I hear someone say 'Photoshop'?


Secondly, take a look at that rumored spec sheet above. The B, S and R probably stand for the B, Super AMOLED and Retina Display respectively. It's all well and good that the B wins overwhelmingly in the brightness department, but the fact that it shows the screen drawing no power when showing a black screen - despite being an IPS LCD unit - is extremely fishy.

Considering the phone's design looks very similar to the Optimus 2X, it's possible that the B in the spec sheet doesn't refer to the phone but rather the display technology used on the Optimus 2X. Then again, the numerous people who've checked out the Star or the Optimus 2X would've already mentioned something about the screen - especially considering the phone is powered by a Tegra2 and is an absolute benchmarking beast.

I'm putting my money on this not being true, but I've been wrong countless times before and adding to that is a tweet by LG confirming the device's existence. Guess we can only wait till CES to find out.