LG working on always-on voice commands for 2014 smartphones

LG is bringing the game to S-Voice, Google Now and Siri with its own implementation of voice search and commands that will be always on. Instead of basic functionality like launching apps, searching and note dictation, LG will be implementing its voice command tech more broadly and primarily for the purpose of navigation. Sources told GottaBeMobile about the new implementation, which will be coming in an LG smartphone in 2014.

The new voice command system would be particularly beneficial for users in automobiles, where currently voice-based control of Google Maps and navigation routes is not possible. Users can command Google Maps to pan around the displayed map or to switch views between map and route. Users can zoom in and out of maps using voice commands alone, thereby greatly minimising the need to touch your smartphone while driving.

LG bringing always-on voice recognition in 2014

LG bringing always-on voice recognition in 2014


In addition, we can also see the technology being useful for waking the phone up from sleep straight to camera without having to tap any buttons or composing an email in double-quick time from a locked state. Of course, there’s still the question of how LG plans to deal with potential security issues with such a system. We can totally imagine pesky friends having fun at our expense by prank-dialling premium charge numbers.

Such a situation would not be possible with the upcoming Snapdragon 800 CPU, which will bring native always-on voice capabilities. The Snapdragon 800 learns the voice of the user so that not just anybody can use the voice commands. However, it’s not yet known whether LG will be using this particular SoC or some other way to implement the always-on system.

Published Date: Jun 19, 2013 06:53 pm | Updated Date: Jun 19, 2013 06:53 pm