LG voice control with Magic Remote coming this April

As far as rumours go regarding an integrated television, all eyes have been fixed at the brand from Cupertino. Over the last few months, a range of reports have surfaced surrounding Apple's plans of launching a television that will be Siri-enabled. This television set, unlike their Apple TV set top box will be an integrated HDTV that is controlled using Apple’s voice assistant software. However, as per a YouTube video released by LG, it appears that Apple has been beaten to the punch and LG has shown off their very own HDTV using the Voice Control technology. As per a report by Slash Gear, LG have recently introduced their Voice Control technology that will feature in their current line of Smart TVs by using their Magic Remote.



As per the report, LG states that this update will be rolled out to all televisions that use the Magic Remote and this technology had been demonstrated first at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which was held in January. The website states, “The key element here in what LG has presented for voice control thus far has been the Magic Remote, a smooth edged stick with the ability to work with motion control as well as traditional button pushing to work all of the functions on your LG Smart TV. With just 5 buttons and a litany of abilities, this little beast will have its software connection to the Smart TV models you’ve already got in your homes today.”

LG have shown off this technology in a video where they demonstrate how this voice recognition technology will work with an LG Magic Remote. It is extremely easy to use and has been done using the mic on the Magic Remote. Various features can be accessed, such as searching for online video channels on the Internet, use it to input text on websites, like Google as well as asking various questions that can be answered using the Internet.

This feature will be available to LG televisions using a Magic Remote control by the end of April. Let us know your reactions about this technology from LG using voice recognition technology in the comments section below.

Published Date: Apr 05, 2012 12:26 pm | Updated Date: Apr 05, 2012 12:26 pm